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In order to ensure the quality and accurate delivery, Gamma introduced first-class machining equipment, including large five-face double column machining center, horizontal machining center, double column grinding machine, surface grinding machine, precision machining center, laser cutting machine..... READ MORE
Company Info
Gamma is based on customers’ demand of machine tool with good performance, timely service and reasonable price, Mr. Shi Fuxing, Chairman of Alfa, established Dongguan Alfa and Suzhou Gamma, respectively in south China and east China in 2006. The investment of USD40 million was made. The land area is 150,000 square meters. It mainly serves precision machining industry, and is engaged in professional development, manufacturing and production of high-speed vertical machining center.Since its establishment, Gamma has aimed at meeting customers' stringent requirements for parts in the development of products. Gamma has the pursuit of perfection in accuracy, machining speed, cost performance, surface smoothness, surface roughness and smoothness. It can absolutely satisfy customer demand. Read more about Gamma