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Home News Services Alfa and the Gamma CNC participate in the 2014 DMP exhibition, a complete success!
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Alfa and the Gamma CNC participate in the 2014 DMP exhibition, a complete success!

Four days of the 16th DMP dongguan international mold, metal processing, plastics and packaging exhibition in November 22, 2014, the exhibition is the largest in southern China, the most influential international professional exhibition. Plastic machinery and metal processing machinery on the market at present, the quality of the good and bad are intermingled, Alfa automation and Gamma CNC in line with "sincerity, enthusiasm, creation, excellence" corporate culture, to provide customers with quality assurance, and perfect service, help companies towards sustainable development, creating a win-win cooperation situation.

The highlights are:

B800ISYZ two axis servo manipulator: equipped with Japan's ambition to control system, through the free scrolling display table tennis quickly after 4.5 seconds, the safe stability, represents a mechanical arm ratio of maximum of ascension. R900IS - S3 three-axis servo manipulator: equipped with bao yuan Taiwan control system, display intelligent mobile iron into molding process automation, full cycle within eight seconds, with automatic quantity system, effectively reduce the human cost, significantly improve productivity. R900WS - S3 three-axis servo manipulator: equipped with tai chi da control system in Japan, robots in 10 closely arranged between the goblet and fluent, through multiple spindle with motion, circular arc interpolation demo, the perfect combination of control system and institution, can be used to remove the application of special products. R1200WD - five axis servo manipulator S5: equipped with Taiwan union set control system, with double is arm mechanism (for laminated molding products), golf putter action, the push into, bring warm bright spot for masculine machinery exhibition, attract people watching.

Gamma Machining Center relies on the technology of Taiwan and Japan.Adhering to high standards of quality,the company provides customers with products with high performance ,high quality, high precision and durable use.the exhibition will be on display.

DMN-500L :High Speed Drill Tapping Machining Center ,equipped with direct spindle,spindle speed 20000rpm, High Speed 、high rigidite 、high performance 、high efficiency build a new era of high speed machining tool.

LV-600L :High Speed Vertical Machining Center,powerful direct spindle, spindle speed 15000rpm,for processing、mold efficient models.

GV650L: high-speed small dragon gate processing center, equipped with 30000rpm high-speed inner Tibetan type spindle, gantry frame structure, vertical column and beam integration, for high-end mould processing tool.

HV800-L optical machine: high speed vertical integrated processing center, equipped with a strong straight - knot spindle, super structure, the focus on cutting and high speed, maintain the precision of the machine.