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Home News Services The Gamma CNC machining center market has been sold
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The Gamma CNC machining center market has been sold

Ended on November 16, 2013 in four days of DMP dongguan international mold and metal processing exhibition, gathering together the world's top mold processing equipment, to promote the development of domestic high-grade CNC machine tool and important platform to enter the market, in order to promote domestic CNC machine tool product level, branding and marketing play an important role.

Market competition boils down to product quality competition, without good product quality guarantee, there will be no customer recognition and acceptance. Gamma CNC have been in business for years, the products of the processing center have won the praise and favor of many customers with high speed, high precision and high efficiency. Moreover, it has gained a firm footing in the market of machine tools.

The exhibition shows dmn-500, lv-600, hv-800 and hv-800 optical machines. Of LV type spindle series of products all adopt the straight, the standard speed 10000 RPM, compared to the belt type of spindle before, no matter from the machining accuracy and on the machining efficiency of it, direct and spindle are greatly provides processing requirements now and in the future.

Advantages of Gamma CNC : the introduction of first-class processing equipment, product process all independent complete, absolute guarantee of lean manufacturing, to ensure product quality and accurate delivery, to complete the whole production process, carefully testing, customer provide high performance, high quality, high precision, durable use of product, improve operation efficiency and create benefit.