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The company introduced the vibration aging treatment equipment
Recently, the company introduced 50 tons of aging treatment equipment. The stability and timeliness of products have been greatly improved.
After casting, the traditional process is laid out in the open air, so that the internal residual stresses can be reduced and homogenized, so that the accuracy of the casting can be stable, but the time is longer and it takes 12 months. The time will be shortened to one month after using the aging treatment equipment, and will be better in the anti-static load, anti-deformation ability and dimension precision of the workpiece.

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Definition of vibration aging 
It describes the physical process that is using a strictly controlled vibration energy, metal, workpiece processing, in order to solve the workpiece machining process and the internal residual stress of the change in size and ability to resist load change. VSR has the effect of eliminating, reducing or homogenizing residual stresses in metal workpieces, improving the anti-static load and anti-deformation ability of the workpiece, and stabilizing the precision of the workpiece. 

Principle of vibration aging 
From the microscopic aspect, the vibration aging can be regarded as a kind of additional stress applied to the parts in the form of cyclic loading. When the workpiece is subjected to vibration, the alternating stress applied to the part is superimposed on the residual stress in the part. When the result of stress superposition reaches a certain number, the most severe part of the stress concentration will exceed the yield limit of the material and the plastic deformation occurs. This plastic deformation reduces the residual stress peak value at that point, and to strengthen the metal matrix, then the vibration on the stress concentration in some parts of the same role, until the vibration of additional stress and residual stress superposition algebra and can't cause any parts of the plastic deformation, at this point, the vibration elimination and the equalization process of residual stress and strengthen the metal ends.