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The Spring Festival is around the corner, the flavor of the New Year is getting stronger. While preparing for the festival, don't forget to do some maintenance for the machining center.

Tips for CNC machining center shutdown/startup before holiday

● Clean the Equipment appearance, oil cooler, heat exchanger, air conditioner filter screen;

● Clean internal waste chip, supply the surface of the cover with anti-rust oil, butter inside the cover, so that the cover is lubricated without rust;

● Remove all tool handles of the machine, clean the taper hole of the spindle and the tool handle, then rub anti-rust oil into the tool holder to prevent the tool handle from rusting;

● Clean the water tank(water-based cutting fluid will deteriorate if it is not used for a long time, and the machining center will be corroded after use);

● Run each shaft of the equipment slowly for many times to lubricate the screw and the line rail;

● Move the three axes of the machining center to the middle position of the workbench, and return the knife library to the no. 1 knife. Return the axes and turntable to the zero position.

● Check the battery and voltage of each electric appliance in the electric box, and backup the machining center to avoid data loss after startup after holiday.

Tips for GAMMA CNC machining center startup after holiday

● Check the status of the machining center, make sure that there is no alarm and move the three axis back to the origin;

● Check the equipment power supply, air source state confirmation, confirm voltage and pressure stability;

● Check the lubrication and hydraulic system of the machining center, check the oil status and level of the lubrication and hydraulic system is normal, pay attention to timely replacement or increase oil products. Check whether the oil injection machine is normal, press the manual oil injection switch, and the pressure shall reach 1.5kg (note: if the pressure is insufficient, please check whether the oil pump or the oil circuit of each shaft of the oil injection machine leaks) to check the normal discharge of each oil;

● Run the spindle and three shafts together for 30min for normal use and processing. If the machine has an alarm and the battery voltage is low, it must return to the reference point, Note that the three shafts can not be directly returned to the origin in case of collision. Please replace the battery to set the origin before normal use;