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Head Stock

  • The structure strengthening design of uniform intercostal plates in the head stock makes the machine head have great bending and torsion resistance.


  • The gate structure design of the integration of column and beam.
  • The internal rib of the column is designed with cross - sectional arrangement structure to increase the torsion resistance.
  • Beam cross section is large, guideway span is large, turning torque is small, structure rigidity is great.

High Precision C3 Ball Screw

  • Each ball screw is pretened to achieve the minimized hot deformation and the guaranteed permanent strength.

Concealed spindle

  • The concealed spindle has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, low inertia, low noise, fast response, high speed and high precision.

Umbrella type magazine

  • Floating broach, do not damage the cutter disc and spindle.
  • The separate tool holder clamp is supported by the cutter disc, keeping the vertical degree of the tool bar, the clearance and the smooth operation of the cutter.
  • Close - in induction fast, using sealed space will not chip interference situation.

Three-axis guideway

  • X/Y/Z axis is equipped with heavy load linear roller guidewaysto improve the stability of movement.


  • The extra-wide guideway and column of the base are installed with span, which makes the saddle and column on the base more stable.
  • The inner part of the base is a box structure design with uniform cross-arrangement of floor plates and a reasonably distributed support surface. This not only reduces the weight of the base, but also ensures the maximum bearing capacity of the base, thus ensuring the machining precision of the machine tool.

Three-axis sptical ruler

  • The precision sptical ruler is optional selected in X/Y/Z, it provide the closed loop feedback setting. Ensure the accurate and reliable positioning.

  • Mist collector:It has high filter efficiency and statically filters; it is stable and reliable, and has high maintenance cost and low noise; it has high safety, no spark, no high voltage risk and vulnerable components; it can rapidly collect and capture the oil mist and dust and greatly improves the working quality of the machine.
  • il-water separator:The oil-water separator separates the oil from the mixture in the event of oil-water mixing, and ensures the quality of cutting fluid. The recovered oil can be reused to save the cost.
  • Movable handwheel:The movable handwheel device is used, being convenient to operate and set.
  • Screw-type chip removalThe strip, block and particle chips cut from the metallic and nonmetallic materials can be effectively removed, and the internal chips can be cleared in the machine.
  • Work light:One explosion-proof light is reasonably arranged on the two sides of the machine to fully ensure adequate lighting and protect the eyes from strong light.
  • Safety light:The tricolour light is arranged at the conspicuous position of the machine. When the machine is out of order, the tricolour light gives warning to the operator.
  • Heat exchanger:The heat exchanger is used in the electrical box to ensure that the heat in the electrical box is extracted rapidly to maintain the temperature in the box and stabilize the operation of control system.
  • Oil cooler:The high-efficiency oil cooler for the spindle effectively utilizes the recycling oil to take away the heat energy generated by the spindle running from the spindle through the refrigerating unit, so the spindle keeps operating at the normal temperature, thereby improving the machining precision, and ensuring the service life of the spindle.
  • High-pressure backward flushing chip removal system:Two vertical motors are installed, one is used for backward flushing on two sides, and the other is used for the machine to directly cool the machined workpieces. The new backward flushing chip removal design is adopted to rapidly and thoroughly remove the chips attached to the inside of the machine. The high-pressure backward flushing chip removal system mainly carries away the machining heat generated in the chips to ensure the machining precision and the surface smoothness of the workpieces.

Mist collector


il-water separator

Movable handwheel

Movable handwheel


Screw-type chip removal


Work light


Safety light

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger


Oil cooler


High-pressure backward flushing chip removal system

  • Laser tool setting gaugeThe laser tool setting gauge can measure and detect the tool with the diameter as small as 0.003 mm at any point of the laser beam; the repeated accuracy can be ±0.1 μm in the specific environment; the level of protection is IP*8 in the rapid tool setting and breakage detection. (Continuous dive test)
  • Manual tool setting gauge: High precision The manual tool setting gauge has the repeated positioning precision of 1μm, the direct driving contact mode and high parallelism, and can measure the small diameter tool.High leakproofness The manual tool setting gauge has the level of protection of IP67, is waterproof, oilproof and cutting fluid resistant, has good leakproofness and keeps high precision for a long time.
  • On-line measuring apparatus:On-line measuring apparatus:
    360-degree infrared transmission
    Level of protection: IP*8
    One-way repeated accuracy: 1.0μm
    In the machine detection process, 90% non-cutting time is saved, and the process control is improved, so that the non-benefit tool setting and workpiece aligning time is shortened. The workpiece scrapping caused by the aligning error is eliminated. The workpiece is accurately detected to reduce the offline detection non-cutting time after machining.
  • Chain-type chip removal machine:The chain plate type chip removal machine can handle various cuttings, and has high conveying efficiency and wide selection range of conveying speed. The unibody chain plate has high combination strength, high fit precision and quiet and steady action. The chain plate type chip removal machine is provided with a torsion limit setting to effectively reduce the damage caused by improper operation.
  • Optical ruler:Absolutely reciprocating detection optical ruler powerful in the high precision positioning. (it can be installed on X/Y/Z-axis)
  • Automatic fire extinguishing device:It has three start modes, i.e. automatic start, manual start and mechanical forced start. For the special fire extinguishing requirement in the enclosed space of the machine, the new automatic fire extinguishing device realizes the automatic fire detection and the automatic fire extinguishing for the machine and has working stability, reliability and safety.
  • Automatic safety lock:The safety door interlocking device adopts the individualized design to protect the personal safety to the maximum extent and prevent the moving parts from causing injuries to the users.

Laser tool setting gauge


Manual tool setting gauge


On-line measuring apparatus


Chain-type chip removal machine


Optical ruler


Automatic fire extinguishing device


Automatic safety lock

Product Model GV-880L
Travel(XYZ) 800*800*450
Table size(mm) 860*820
Spindle nose to table(mm) 150-600
Control system FANUC SIEMENS 828D
Display 8.4-inch color display 10.4-inch color display
Spindle motor Concealed Spindle 24000RPM,15KW
Three-axis servo motor

XY:αiF 22/ 3000(4.0KW) 

Z:αiF 30 B /3000(7.0KW)

XY:1FK7084(3.25KW) Z:1FK7084(3.25KW)

Spindle HSK50E
Spindle rate(rpm) 24000
Drive system Concealed
Spindle Coolant Type External Coolant
Diameter of spindle bearing(mm) Φ75
Spindle air seal Protect spindle lubrication,extend spindle life
Max. weight on table(kg) 800
Rapid(M/min) 24/24/24
Max. cutting(mm/min) 1-24000
Ball screw Φ40 P10, C3
Ball scres support type Precision bearing
Slide way type X/Y/Z:linear ball guideway:45precision
Tool magazine SANJET
Specification HSK50E
Tool changing time(T-T)(sec) 3
Tool changing type Umbrella Type
Capacity 20 tools
Max. tool weight 8
Max.tool Dia.(adjacent empty tool) 300mm
Balance system No Balance Weight / Servo Motor Direct Drive
Spindle Cooling System Body homothermic type spindle oil cooler, sensing the temperature at any time and being automatically adjusted
Auto lubrication system Pressurised positive displacement automatic oiler, automatically and uniformly distributing the lubricating oil
High pressure cooling system High Pressure Water Chip Removeval
Chip removal machine Spiral-type Chip Removal
Power required(Kva) 20
Air required(Kg/cm2) 6
Dimension(mm) 3100*2600*3300
Machine weight(Kg) 7200