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  • FANUC Series.
  • High reliability, high cost performance, and stable, reliable and accurate system.
  • Suitable for precision mould and high speed machining.
  • High-speed and high-precision nanometer.
  • 10.4-inch/8.4 Color LCD.
  • Maximum 4-axis linkage interpolation calculation.
  • 400 groups of cutter compensation at most can realize the life management function of tool (any group).
  • CF card slot is provided in front of the panel (System backup, machining program storage and DNC machining).
  • Built-in 256KB/512KB machining program storage space (if CF card is used, storage and machining program can have the capacity more than 2GB).
  • ISO/EIA programming language is supported.
  • Rigid tapping and thread machining.
  • High-capacity CF card supports RS232/Ethernet interface. It can realize remote DNC online machining, and remote diagnosis of CNC system.
  • 3D part program module.
  • PLCS trapezoidal circle display/online editing/password setting.
  • High-speed mould machining application:
    a、ALCC/AI-APC(高速高精度控制)a. ALCC/AI-APC (high-speed and high-precision control).
    b. Large-capacity machining program proofread.
    c. Feedforward control, acceleration overshoot limit.
    d. High-speed HRV/fine acceleration and deceleration.
  • Integration of a variety of machining cycles and measurement cycles.
  • The coordinate system provides the work piece rotation, translation, scaling and mirror function.
  • Online machining (DATA SERVER).
  • Circle display, dynamic circle display.
  • Round dialog programming/programming guide.