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Home Products System SIEMENS 828D


  • 3 axes are controlled at the same time.
  • 10.4-inch/8.4-inch TFT color display.
  • Nano calculation accuracy of 80-digit floating point number.
  • Tool management function.
  • Integrated automatic servo optimization function.
  • 2D graphics processing and simulation.
  • 150 segments of program can be preread at most.
  • The maximum CNC user memory is 5MB.
  • Through the USB device or by inserting user CF card from the front interface, the memory can be extended.
  • Online ISO language compiler.
  • Jerk control.
  • Easy Extend.
  • Program GUIDE cycle programming support.
  • Advanced extension process cycle.
  • Online help system.
  • SINUMERIK Operate graphical user interface, program segment search with automatic position calculation and processing function of cartoon support.

Option function

  • Extended operating function.
  • Shop mill work step programming.
  • Remaining material detection and removal of profile machining.
  • Easy Message.
  • TRANSMIT/Cylindrical surface transmit.
  • Network drive management.
  • Replacing tool management.
  • Spline interpolation.
  • Profile hand wheel.
  • 3D simulation machining.
  • Real-time simulation of machining.